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1PCT - Reliable and Low-Cost Cardano Stake Pool

Cardano Stake Pool Created by Harvard and MIT Trained Experts

Why 1PCT is your best option to delegate your Cardano (ADA)?


We are hosting our server with a provider selected for reliability and uptime. That is of utmost important for the Cardano network. Downtime means missed staking rewards and possibly even sanctions by the Cardano network, decreasing staking rewards further.



1PCT is a fully independent stake pool. We have no affiliation with any other stake pool, thereby furthering Cardano’s mission to decentralize and keeping Cardano safe, independent and valuable.


The node is run by developers from MIT and Harvard who believe in the mission of Cardano and are committed to continuing support for Cardano.


Staking pool fees consist of a fixed amount and a variable amount. We set our fixed amount to 340 ADA, the lowest value allowed by the network. Variable fees are just 1%. That means you keep 99% of the staking reward.


We commit to not secretly increase our fees. Did you know that a stake pool which might bait you with 0% fees can and likely will increase its fees at any time up to 100% without you even noticing unless you actively check? Given an annual staking reward of, say, 5%, the difference between 0% and 1% fees amounts to 5% vs. 4.95%–that is all else being equal. The tiny difference is more than made up for by other factors and allows us to reliably run our node.

Get Started

Are You Looking to Delegate your ADA?

You can do that directly from the Daedalus wallet. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it here: Make sure you get your wallet directly from the webpage. There have been fake mobile wallets in the past in the app stores! Once you have created or restored your wallet and funded it, perhaps from transferring Cardano from an exchange, click on the network icon on the left and go to the stake pool tab. Copy and past the following ID in the search box to find the pool.

Daedalus ID: pool1m80jrruqnynpuqvmm5cyhxjqy2q8pnnpyu40sd02z0gkzehqxua

You can not stake through the Yoroi wallet yet since this pool is new and not yet listed. After staking, please have a few weeks patience. It will take a while for us to fill this pool and the Cardano network protocol pays out staking rewards with a delay.
If you need help or have questions, please contact us through the form below and someone will get back to you.

Questions About the 1PCT Stake Pool


What is Proof-of-Work?

Cryptocurrencies need a network of independent nodes to validate transactions. But how can you be sure a node is not counterfeiting transactions? Bitcoin, and most other cryptocurrencies, use a Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm. It takes a lot of computing power to run a node. Hijacking a controlling part of the network would require an enormous amount of computing power, which is difficult to achieve. In turn, the node operators are paid transaction fees.


Why do I get paid for staking?

In return for running the Cardano network, the nodes are rewarded with transaction fees. As a node operator, we keep a small fraction of the fees and pass the rest on to the stakeholders. This is Cardano’s incentive for you to stake your ADA and for us to run a node maintaining the Cardano network.


Can I still spend my ADA when I stake my balance?

You can still spend your balance. That simply reduces the amount you staked and proportionally reduces your staking reward.


What is staking and Proof-of-Stake?

Cardano validates transactions based on a more advanced Proof-of-Stake protocol. This saves energy and keeps transaction fees much lower than other blockchain technologies. Nodes are trusted not based on computing power but based on ADA being staked. To hijack a controlling part of the network, the attacker would need to have staked a large part of the entire ADA supply in circulation, which is not realistic.


Can I lose ADA by staking or delegating my ADA to a stake pool?

That is not possible. The staking rules are governed by the Cardano network protocols which do not allow anything to be taken away from you!


Is staking safe?

Yes. As long as you do it the right way:

  • NEVER transfer your Cardano balance to anyone for staking and
  • NEVER share your private key.
  • You can stake directly from your Cardano wallet, delegating your ADA to one of the stake pools on the official Cardano website.

While our node has several advantages, if you follow these rules your Cardano is safe with any staking pool. We still hope you will choose our node for staking!

To learn more about Cardano, visit the project’s webpage.

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